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Call us : 519-424-3121
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Custom Fabricating2022-09-20T20:12:58+00:00

Otter Creek Welding & Trailer Supply

Custom Fabricating

Custom Fabricating

We offer complete custom fabricating and repair work on all metals, steel, stainless, and aluminum.

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Custom Fabricating Services

At Otter Creek Welding, we offer custom fabricating solutions to customers with specific repair needs and metal requirements.

We offer complete custom fabricating and trailer repair work on all metals, steel, stainless, and aluminum. We are capable of bending, shearing, machining, plasma cutting, press work along with welding and so much more.

And if you have something that needs repairs or something that needs a facelift (like removing some rust or corrosion with some new metal), call our custom fabricating specialists and get a quote today

If you don’t need a service job but are interested in sourcing some metal materials, you can call us to get a quote on any metal too. Our team is not just knowledgeable about our services; but we are also good at suggesting product options as well.

Guaranteed competitive pricing!

We also run a full-service van, AKA shop-on-wheels, that drives through different areas of Ontario and accepts custom metal fabrication orders or welding service jobs from people who need work done on equipment that can’t be moved. Our custom fabrication shop is known for the quality of work and precise installation and excellent customer service.

Various metal welding options available

Aluminum, Stainless, Steel

We offer various types of welding styles to suit the job

Mig, Stick, and Tig welding

We also utilize a mobile van to better suit your needs

Mobile Welding Vehicle

No job too big or too small

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Fabrication Shop FAQ's

What are the benefits of custom fabricating?2022-08-26T18:48:03+00:00

Custom fabricating allows you to work on custom projects that you would otherwise not get the metal parts for, if you were to purchase them off-the-shelf. For example, if you like a metal design project on Instagram, for example. Approaching a custom fabricator who works with integrity and honesty to make your design dream come true, would be your best bet.

What metal materials do you use?2022-08-26T18:48:11+00:00

We use all kinds of metals. We have particular expertise in working with steel, stainless steel and aluminum. If you have something in mind, just let us know we can work with most metals for welding.

How is custom fabricating done?2022-08-26T18:48:22+00:00

Custom fabricating is done in three steps. The first step involves cutting large pieces of metal. The next step involves forming the metal cuts into custom shapes and components using a variety of tools and according to the order specifications and design. The last step then involves finishing the product to shape into its finished form. 

What is custom fabricating?2022-08-26T18:48:29+00:00

Custom fabricating is the process of working with metal panels to create custom parts and products for your project or business. Custom fabricating gives you a better variety of metal products than you would otherwise not get in run-of-mill, off-the-shelf metal works. Custom fabricated products are meant for custom use or application.

Have something that needs to get repaired or looking to get something manufactured? Only need material? Call us to get a quote on any metal for your fabrication needs. Guaranteed competitive pricing! Also, we have a full-service, on-site welding van aka our shop on wheels if you need our services to come to you!

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